ARMA HyperFlow Carbon Intake BMW M5 F10 & M6 F12, F13




Get more power out of your BMW M5 F10 & M6 F12, F13 with the ARMA carbon fiber intake system. With its double carbon fiber platinum gloss finish, this intake not only performs great, but looks great too. Both sides of the intake (inside and out) are made from 100% carbon fiber. Lighten up the load, make it look good and shovel some more power into your BMW today. Arma carbon fiber intake uses a unique airflow guide design and a carbon airbox for isolating hot air from the engine bay to provide maximum cold air into the engine. Breakthrough carbon manufacturing process and harmonious integration into the engine bay contributes to Arma carbon fiber intake’s increased visual appeal.

Features and Benefits:

ARMA intake utilizes unique vacuum process, smooth surface and clear double carbon fiber pattern inside and out.
Carbon fiber air box isolates intake air from heat of engine bay.
Air duct design; dissipates excessive hot air in the air box and helps regulate temperature in engine compartment.
Break-through carbon fiber pipe manufacturing process, production of irregular shape pipes.
Direct bolt on design, no modification needed.
Each air box is tailor-made to maximize turbulence in the air box.
Direct air intake increases air density and accelerate air-flow and rapidly feed the air into the induction manifold.
No remapping of ECU needed. As induction manifold is not changed, A/F oxygen sensor can quickly adapt to new supply curve.
Each application is dyno-tested and proven gains of an average power increase by 5%-15%.


Some pictures show a matte carbon fiber finish. This intake comes with a gloss carbon fiber finish.


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